Thursday, October 2, 2008


With group presentations, I like the process so much more than the actual presentation. They go long, especially with a big class. Today, though, I had two pretty amazing ones, two sets of kids in two different periods who just presented the hell out of Act II.1. I'm still a little bit blown away.

Very tired, very excited about tonight trouncing of Palin by Biden in the debate. Tomorrow's a half day, and I'm starting Romeo and Juliet.


Meanwhile, I keep dancing said...

Can you talk more about the group presentations and why the kids didn't read the play in class? I may have missed the post this summer. My second term is heavy on drama, so I'm interested in different approaches. Thanks!

Teach Baltimore said...

I wanted them to do more of the reading at home this time, and then demonstrate their understanding through performance. So much of reading in class is only to get the literal meaning of the text, and I wanted them to analyze it more. It's basically some of the concepts from the Shakespeare Set Free books, if you're familiar - getting kids to write "promptbooks" and direct/perform the scenes and getting students to show through directorial/performance choices that they understand the text.