Monday, October 27, 2008

Diarrhea of the mouth

Today was one of those days: carefully planned lesson goes awry. Kids suffering from extreme diarrhea of the mouth. So much so that I went off on a class in ways that I don't ever go off. I did not raise my voice but my anger level was raised to the highest point.

Have field trip tomorrow. It's poorly planned. I'm the planner. Hopefully 26 kids arrive with their permission slips in the morning because I need to bring 40. It should be a cool event. And, thankfully for my colleagues who are staying behind, I'm taking most of my misbehavers with me. Should be a fun day. Watch out, Towson University.

We're doing a book talk about A Hope in the Unseen with a class of prospective teachers there... I'm hoping my students learn some things about college life and hoping the college students learn some things about the wonderful kids that I teach. Or, wonderful except for today.

Tired. After school, went to that horrible required-for-recertification reading class. Words cannot quite describe just how this class is going. I wish I could write about it. Not now. But it's a crime that the state requires me to take this class to continue teaching.

Got home after 8pm. Back awake at 4:45am. Not a way to live.


Sara said...

umm...yeah...I go to those same classes. I'm not in yours, but I'm 99% sure the same university is responsible.

After 9 hours of writing papers this weekend that I'm pretty sure no one will read, I feel your pain.

Zeek and I said...

sounds awfull!