Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 2 of Romeo and Juliet unit

Day two of my Romeo and Juliet unit went slowly, but went well. I'm already a day off from my through-November-7 unit that I wrote, but lots of learning occurred. We read through the first 57 lines of Act I, Scene 1 again, and had the class direct how the actions and movements and tones should occur - the kids' performances really showed their understanding and made me laugh a lot. I have one little boy in my 1st period who came out of his shell playing Troy Maxson last unit - he was one of the few kids who went "off the book" and he really embodied the character - and he played Sampson equally well, adding movements and gestures that perfectly fit that ridiculous character.

We then got through the Prince's speech, which is about 100 lines from where I wanted to get. I had to eschew my homework plan and delay until tomorrow. That's okay. Better they learn the skills (and we were able to go over their writing today) than "cover the content."

Jury duty on Thursday. My first ever! I'll have to prep the kids for a sub tomorrow. It's a first for the year.

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eschew indeed