Sunday, October 19, 2008


1. I hate it when I plan a whole week's worth of lessons and activities based on the fact that I get a set of essays back to the students, and then I don't get done. It seemed like I spent all weekend working on school stuff (don't worry, had some fun, too), but I'm still not done. Grading this particular set of essays is making me want to gouge out my eyes, but it's okay, it's their first of the year. They need to get them back to start reflecting and thinking about their next essay. I just can barely stand to read them. I've now had them a week and have graded 23 of 34. Class is at 11:30 tomorrow - think I can finish? I hope so. I told them Monday and planned this week's lessons around that fact.

2. I am considering doing part of National Board Certification this year, in a program called "Take One".

3. I think I'm going as Troy Maxson this year for Halloween. I need to find a garbage collector uniform. Any ideas?

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