Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TSI Winding Down

The Teaching Shakespeare Institute is winding down. Today, I performed my final monologue from King Lear. I did not flub any lines and felt like it went well. I could have used my body more, but otherwise it felt good. I'm pretty sure I'll remember those 12 lines of text for the rest of my life.

In addition, today I presented my curriculum project, which I got into in a big way last night. I will be revising my lessons and hopefully one or more of them will be published on the Folger website in the coming months. An important part of the NEA grant is producing lessons for teachers around the country, so they'll be posted on the Folger website sometime soon. Maybe I'll post them here sometime.

Two more days left of the most enriching teaching practice of my career so far... hopefully the replenishment and inspiration I'm getting will last for months or years.


Right now, in terms of curriculum, I'm deciding between Richard III and King Lear. Lots of factors go into it - which the kids like more (the former, probably), which links better to the other texts, which I think I'll be able to draw mroe from, which I can convince my colleague to jump on board with. It'll be interesting what comes of it.

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