Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Jersey King Lear with the butler from The Nanny

Today, we took a bus up to New Jersey to see the butler from The Nanny star in King Lear.

Lots of thoughts swirling, but most of them catching on the spokes of extreme exhaustion. But, what a great day, one of comraderie and scholarship and Shakespeare.

And, oddly enough, seeing King Lear (and it was a decent production) made me less want to teach it. I was gung-ho, and now I'm only ho. More on that later, perhaps.

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aaaaaaron said...

Oddly, I'm involved in a project that's doing Shakespeare in a very fun format for the Web. We're not necessarily orienting it for students, but it will definitely lend itself to being absorbed by more Web-centered audiences.... (I followed a comment here from - hi!)