Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mayor Dixon and the BCPSS

Oh, Sheila. Please keep your hands away from the BCPSS. On one hand, I do understand her point that mayors are blamed or praised for the success of the schools, so perhaps she should have her hands in the school board. However, there is no reason to add more cooks in the kitchen now that the school system has righted itself. Adding Dixon to North Avenue is bringing the old political establishment into a place that seems to have been pretty successful in expunging it.

And, besides, isn't it more than a little bit fishy that Mayor Dixon wants to jump on board with the school system just a couple of weeks after all the positive press of the jump in test scores? If it's not transparent political maneuvering, then it sure appears like it. And... does she feel threatened by the new sherriff in town, Dr. Alonzo? Do we see a battle of wills brewing? I sure hope not.

Stick to bringing down that crime rate, Mayor Dixon, which it seems like you've had some hand in doing so far, impressing even me, one of your biggest detractors at the last election cycle (Go Jill Carter!). Keep that up, and leave the schools along the righted path that they are on.

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