Sunday, March 1, 2009

March is coming in like a lion...

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of baseball season, something I look forward to throughout the winter. This winter was very mild, but, unfortunately, it's looking like we'll be getting our first real snow storm tonight. I'm expecting a snow day. Since I haven't written a lesson plan yet, I'm apparently even counting on it. (I will get the stuff ready for tomorrow, though, just in case...)

Since practice tomorrow will be pretty rough if we have school (there's no room inside the building, so we're either on the tennis courts, on sidewalks, or in the weight room, and there's not a whole lot I can do for tryouts in that situation), I'm rooting for a snow day, despite the fact that the season is starting and I want to get back out there with them. If we do get one, I'm still going to go into the school, and grade like crazy. I'm really behind, and progress reports are due this week sometime. I'm hoping at least someone is in the building.

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A BCPSS Parent said...

You got your wish - snow day it is. The email's stamped at 5:56am. Too bad my work isn't closed, but at least I donn't have to pack lunches this morning.