Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wishing former student well

I taught this young man as a 9th grader and a 10th grader. A memorable pain in the rear end, but generally friendly and funny. He was the sort of kid who all through the 9th grade, when he was a rambunctious goofball, I imagined what he would be like the next year, in someone else's class, so I could sort of make of that other teacher for having to put up with him. Then, I got my class lists the next year, and there he appeared again. The joke was on me. He was certainly one of the most memorable classroom disruptors I've ever taught.

He's a very good basketball player, one of the 25 best from the Class of 2010 (not sure if that's nationally or statewide), and has apparently signed with the University of Tennessee to play. There are quite a bit of interviews around the internets about him, and this is one of them. (I feel okay posting it, because he's been to two different schools since he left mine, and none of the articles seem to be mentioning his 9th/10th grade school.)

Anyhow, the funniest thing appeared in one of the interviews:

Capitol Hoops - If you had to choose a career other than basketball what could you see yourself doing a couple years from now?

Will - I would like to become a teacher , education is very important and is something that we all need in life.

Capitol Hoops - What subject would you teach?

Will - Lol , English.

If Will is ever an English teacher, I wish him a few 'Will's in the class in front of him. LOL indeed.

I do wish him the best in any case. It would be kind of cool to see this kid on national television, playing college ball. I will remember that he broke my chair, that he used to love to sing "I'm in Love With a Stripper" during class, and that, on occasion, I got him to sit still and read and write.

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