Monday, March 30, 2009

The lake at second base

It's been good weather for ducks lately, but not baseball.

Thursday, it rained, so we had our practice in the weight room. None of the fields take rain well, so games on Friday were canceled. Then, it rained over the weekend, and the games were canceled for today. Even though the weather was fine on both Friday and Monday, we couldn't play. Bummer.

Friday's was more of a bummer, because we were set to dismiss at 2:15, and I didn't learn until about 1:45 that the game was canceled. The game was to be played across the city, on the west side, and Baltimore City had told their Athletic Director in the morning that it would bring some dirt to the field to fill in the puddles so we could play. They never did. No game. So, BCPSS paid for the bus fees (it was too late to cancel), officiating fees (ditto), but there was no game. [This penny-smart, dollar-dumb finances occurred earlier this season, when, at a visiting diamond, the city drew a chalk batting box, but no foul lines, because of budget constraints. The chalk for the foul lines is what put them over-budget, apparently - not sending out a whole crew to do the least important part of a major game preparation task.]

Today, the game was canceled first thing in the morning, as there is a lake at second base and there was no way it would dry by the afternoon. We still practiced, dodging puddles, and it was actually probably our best practice all year.

Baseball season is going well. It is more work than I remember, probably because I'm also buying a house this month (hopefully moving in within the week). But we haven't lost yet and the kids show flashes of really coming together. This losing out on a couple games is a real bummer, but today felt good.

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