Monday, March 16, 2009

This was a day when I wish my bed was already made

1. For all my faults as a coach, and I'm sure I have several, no one can say I don't care a great deal about these players. My email is full from teachers about them all (I've sifted through 50 emails in the last day, about so-and-so with electronics and so-and-so with a 59%). My phone is full of text-messages to and from players, reminding them about doing homework and about where we're meeting. My Facebook is filled with former and current players, writing about schedules and practices. It's consuming to me. I still struggle with the best ways to create a baseball practice that utilizes able assistant coaches and keeps all players engaged at all times, and the last week or so, the practice plans have been sparse as my exhaustion from home buying and teaching and coaching combined has reached a tipping point. But these kids still grab a hold of me and they consume me during the spring. I really do love it.

2. I was asked to attend a field trip today, and we went out to a Great Kids Farm at Bragg Nature Center, a sustainable project for food growing. We planted a bunch of seeds and created a garden. Really cool stuff, just two teachers and 16 kids. They're going to be planting some sustainable gardens on our campus, and this was an introduction. Seems really, really cool, and it got me excited. Best comment of the day was from a kid who was surprised that onions grew in the ground, and not on a tree like apples. When other kids snickered, he said, "Well, geez, I never said I was a scientist or nothin'!". It was also really fun to see these kids feed the goats.

3. Schedule all screwed up and I didn't sleep last night but an hour or so. Going to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I explained to my students last year that cows and bulls are the same animal. Ding, ding, ding! One of my students commented that he always wondered why all the cows in a field seemed to have a baby. Maybe tomorrow I should ask them what they know about onions?