Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Interruptions

January continues to be a weird month: one week of school, one week of exams, a 3-day week with the Inauguration and MLK Day, and now a 3-day week with two professional development days. It's a pretty terrible time to have professional development days, because the schedule has been so messed up this month anyway; it feels like the kids really haven't been in school for a month.

Adding to the disorder were problems in the building yesterday that prevented students from attending school. The weather was bad anyway, so attendance would have been spotty - then we were let out two hours early. It was all very strange. I awoke to find that most of the districts in the state were closed, except for Baltimore City. Being from Michigan, driving in the snow does not scare me. However, that is not the issue here in Baltimore; the issue is that the city has very little salting or plowing occurring. Yesterday morning was a pretty bad commute, until I got out on the main roads, and I live right in the city. Those who compare the wimpiness of drivers on the east coast versus drivers in the midwest and north are missing the point that, say, in Michigan, you hear snow plows and salt trucks nearly non-stop during the snowing seasons. That just doesn't happen here, so the driving can be dangerous. Then, there are those other drivers...

Anyhow, we were in the building all day, without students, and we had a very productive (if chilly) day. I got so much done. We were let out early, even though the roads were pretty much clear by the time we were let out; the decisions around this district can be pretty strange sometimes.

Today, I awoke at my usual 5:00 a.m. to see that many school districts around the state were cancelled. After hearing the freezing rain fall most of the night, and reading about the hazardous road conditions, I expected Baltimore City to also cancel. I kept re-loading the page, and eventually just showered and readied myself for the gym. Finally, at 5:45, they announced. Snow Day.

Back to bed for me, if I can.

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