Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of my New Year's Resolutions should have been more sleep, because these 5:30am gym trips are making me totally lose it by the time 5pm comes around.

Yesterday, I wanted to get some quality work done in the afternoon, so I went out in the afternoon during my planning period to get some coffee. We didn't end up going to 7-11, but instead to Eddy's, and, well, their coffee is just too hot to drink. So I ended up getting a sugar-free energy drink featuring a skull with wings on the front. I'm sure that was healthy.

I returned to school, had a bit of an energy buzz and did some grading and entering, but the wings didn't last. I still went home by 6pm.

Tonight, I returned home at 6:20, after an exhausted and unproductive afternoon. I promptly had a bowl of cereal and fell asleep. I can usually take a quick hour nap and wake up, but ended up going until 9pm. Now I can't sleep, of course. I'm about to try again. I'm sure the typing isn't helping in the sleep efforts, but I had to get a lesson plan going for tomorrow.

Anyhow, ya think we're having a delay tomorrow? Seems like a mess out there.

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A BCPSS Parent said...

Wishful thinking, I'm afraid. These weeks after a break kill me. The mornings re too early, the house is a mess, can't find papers...blah! Somehow the kids are having no problem getting back into the swing of it, though. Sometimes (but not really if I think about it) I envy youth.