Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Midterm Sick

It's midterm week, which is actually a pretty great week. I think I've written a couple of very good midterms, midterms that really assess whether my students have learned the necessary content and skills from my courses. Now, I can kind of sit back, and see for sure. There's also lots of grading, and figuring out the Scantron machine, but otherwise it's not a bad week at all; heck, the kids leave at 12:45 every day after their two midterms, which makes it all the much easier.

That being said, I'm sicker than a dog. Yesterday, I would have taken a sick day if it weren't such an important day for me to be there, and, frankly, I would have today as well. I loaded up on Ny-Quil last night and slept about eleven hours trying to kick it, but I woke up today feeling just as poorly.

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