Monday, January 19, 2009

My Martin Luther King Day

I'm going to the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday, so I need to finish the multitude of teacher-related tasks tomorrow. I feel like I've worked quite a bit already this weekend on stuff, but I still seem to get a bunch more done before Wednesday. I'm not really doing a great job of compartmentalizing my job lately, and I'm doing a lot of work at home, but I'm also trying to do a lot, so that's sort of to be expected. For example, I've decided to do Take One of National Boards, and I really should have that done before baseball season starts in March, so I really have to complete it in the next few weeks - and it involves videotaping and lots of writing, so it's a work-extensive process that could necessitate do-overs.

Here are my priorities and necessities this weekend:

1. Finish revising NCTE conference proposal (90% complete already).

2. Finish grading Junior midterms (25% complete, about 20 more to do).

3. Finish 9th grade lesson plan for Thursday, a midterm review/reflection. (50% complete).

4. Finish grading Junior The Unbearable Lightness of Being essays (80% complete, about 5 more to do, and they've been on my nightstand for about 2 weeks now, untouched.)

5. Finish grading Freshmen midterms (60% complete, about 50 more to do).

6. Sketch out King Lear unit (0% complete).

7. Begin writing National Board lesson plan for Small Group activity, in preparation for taping in next week. (0% complete).

The proposal is due tomorrow, and I have to teach lessons based on the things in #2 and #3 on Wednesday, so those are the priorities. My mentor for #7, however, thinks that that should have been my priority for the weekend. The things I'm most excited about doing are #1 and #6. The things that are the bane of my existence lately are in #4. Grades are due on Thursday so #2-4 are a necessity by, well, Thursday. I'll try to get as much done tomorrow as possible, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

There is no way you got all that stuff done!