Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baltimore City High School Fair

I ended up helping to staff the table for our school at the Baltimore City High School Fair. I had no idea what to expect, a fact that became very apparent when I showed up in a shirt and tie to a large room that was probably 80-90 degrees. Everyone else was in t-shirts.

I talked our talk for hours, and it was a really great experience - lots of wide-eyed 8th graders checking out which high school to go to. During breaks, I walked around and checked out the other high schools, and, wow, there sure are some neat, innovative high schools in the BCPSS. The "small schools" and charter movement seems to have brought with it lots of great opportunities for the students, and it made me happy to be part of the system.

I talked so much that now I'm hoarse, though. You'd think my vocal chords were in better shape after all the talking I do during the school day. I guess raising my voice over the din of the swarms of people (it was really crowded) did it.

On another pleasant note, I shook Dr. Alonso's hand for the first time.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that maybe I should have gone to this event. I'm getting a little disillusioned with the special ed scene in Baltimore City and wondering if, when I finish my Admin I later this year, maybe I should find a charter whose philosophy I like and go join them as an administrator. This has been a disheartening year.

A BCPSS Parent said...

Speaking as a special ed consumer (at least second hand as a parent), the only way I could figure out to get inclusive welcoming education for my autistic child was to move to a charter school (and only a few of the charters seemed to really believe in inclusion). BCPSS seems pretty willing to foot the bill for non-public placements so that they can wash their hands of the disabled, but ask for energy and money to adapt a situation for the same child? Good luck.

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