Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Readin' and Writin'

I'm planning these big elaborate writing workshop lessons for my IB Juniors this week, whose first essay is due a week from Thursday. Today - thesis analysis. Tomorrow - how to break down quotations. Thursday - how to write introductions and conclusions. I have student models ready, and they're set to bring their own writing in to work with as we go.

Today, though, as I graded their most recent quiz, I'm finding that the majority aren't even doing the reading.

Screw writing. These kids got to read.

I think the first set of progress reports will be a wakeup call. It's expected that 9th graders need that wakeup call every year. But Juniors, especially advanced Juniors? Disappointing.


jackie said...

I'm issuing similar wake-up calls this week and next for my ninth and eleventh graders.

Zeek and I said...

me too

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