Friday, September 26, 2008

Long Friday, longer weekend

I took 50 ninth graders on a field trip today, to see Cedric Jennings speak. They were not very good. It was all capped off by a student who asked the question, "So, I was wondering, did you like how the book turned out, because you kind of came off like a jerk sometimes?". It was a valid question, one that I think has some truth to it. But, wow, he sure asked it poorly. The entire auditorium booed, and the woman running the event snatched the microphone from him and said, "Well, we'll end this on a positive note." Pretty crazy. Overall, the kids didn't behave that well otherwise, and it was a long, stressful day.


I'm waking up tomorrow at 5am and going with 60 students to Richmond Virginia Beach to register voters. The Obama campaign was funding it, but apparently the fund guy has disappeared, so now all the kids have to drop $10 to go and all the teachers $50. One teacher is fronting $2500 for the trip. It's going to be a long weekend of sleeping on YMCA floors and going door to door, but at least it's for a good cause.

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Zeek and I said...

wow, sounds stressful. Field trips are always a mixture of joy and stress for me. Have a good time in VA, it is for a good cause. Your students will never forget your commitment to them and what you believe in.