Thursday, September 25, 2008

A miniature Will Smith

I'm so thankful that my 10th period is such a nice class. Today, I got a message to send down a copy of my project assignment. I looked around at all the kids, busily working, barely paying me any mind at all because they were so involved in their group assignment. I just couldn't bear to interrupt them to ask one of them to run it down. So I did it myself. When I returned, not one student had moved; they just continued preparing their Fences group project and working steadily. I just stood by the door, listening to them. Finally, one boy finally noticed me, and he said, "Yo, Mr. ________, come over here and listen. I'm like a miniature Will Smith or something." I look him up and down, emphasizing his 4'11" height, and respond, "Emphasis on the miniature, right?" and listened to him for a bit. And, gosh darn it, he was Troy Maxson. Blue braces and all.

A great day overall. Students were busily preparing, and, tomorrow, they will be presenting. Somehow, though, I have a field trip in the middle of all that. I have so much going on right now, that I'll be shocked if I make it through to Wednesday without dropping something - a field trip tomorrow, a 48-hour trip with student to canvass for Obama from 5am Saturday to 10pm Sunday, a guest speaker on Tuesday that is making me combine classes and get other teachers' permission - it's all so much right now. I even missed the gym trip this morning.

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