Monday, June 1, 2009

Missing InsideEd.

R.I.P. Inside Ed

I miss InsideEd, too. How will the education conversation in Baltimore City continue? Who will step up to the plate? And how?

What a wasted opportunity, so far, for The Sun.


A BCPSS Parent said...

Good question - it seems hard for any involved party to run a discussion blog since we all have our biases (parent, citywide teacher, TFA teacher, administrator, etc). And if you're not in the system why would you care enough generate posts that would invite comments?

After all the comments from MATHS students on Inside Ed this year, it almosts seems like something that North Ave ought to do, but I can't imagine people feeling free to critize on a system sponsored blog.

It seems like a blog with multiple posters from different perspectives with some links to bring in traffic would work, but I'm not sure it can work without a newspaper to bring it together and fund the upkeep required.

Anonymous said...

I am even more impressed by the investigative jounalism by Liz Bowie concerning Brian Morris. I subscribe to the the Sun--that is what I expect. Even though the discussion at Inside Ed is nice--it's not helpful when the journalists are having a lovefest with the policymakers.