Saturday, May 30, 2009

Down the hatch

Another school year down the hatch, at least with regular classes. And not a moment too soon... today, I actually screamed curse words at a colleague. Really. That is not me, although I was really mad, for good reason. The heat didn't help. Even though it was quite palatable outside, the temperature reached 92 in my classroom, where I have a thermometer, and even hotter in non-windowed areas.

Final exams start Monday. I have to revise mine and then get in extra early on Monday morning to run mine off. Time kind of got away from me a bit. There will be a stampede on Monday morning, probably, so I'm going to have to get there real early.


Anonymous said...

You go teach! You must have really been mad.

Summer vacation's around the corner and this year you have your own house in which to enjoy it. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who it was...There was at least one "colleague" I was seriously debating either walking out on or throttling at the last faculty meeting, but I doubt you have a lot of contact with him during the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Prof.. There are thousands of us still around that give thanks to you and your colleagues' dedication in the classroom... to ensure that there will always be --CITY FOREVER!

Have a wonderful summer...

LMR '63 (One of most accomplished BCC grad classes...ever!)