Thursday, May 14, 2009

The background in my mouth

The young man has not done a great job of planning for the future, nor much guidance for it. But he's a nice kid, and a hell of a baseball player, and we're doing our best to get him into a college baseball program somewhere. He had his last day of classes in high school today and hasn't applied to college yet.

I got off the phone with the coach, who was immediately calling him. I sent a text-message as quickly as I could, one last word of advice: "Coach calling u now. Be professional and go somewhere quiet b/c it's always so loud in the background whenever I talk 2 u."

The kid called me about 15 minutes later. We talked him up good enough that they're giving him a special tryout. He talked quite a bit more, but, of course, it was loud in the background, and I couldn't hear him very well. I said "yes" and "I'm proud of you" and "Are you excited?" and stuff like that, and looked forward to talking to him in person so I could hear more about what he was talking about. I generally hate talking on the phone to begin with, and, with the background noise, it was especially unpleasant, despite the good news. I made a lot of agreeing, happy replies to the noise, and soon our conversation was over.

The next day, though, I heard what I apparently agreed to: I'm driving him down to Virginia State University next month to have him try out for their baseball team.

Hmmm. It's pretty cool I guess. It will be an odd weekend. But pretty exciting, no?


Anonymous said...

Assuming he is 18 or over, does your insurance cover passengers? If something were to happen that affected or could be argued that it affected his ability to play while you were driving him there, are you covered in some way? Seriously, you are wide open and need your eyes wide open to the risks.


Teach Baltimore said...

Yes insurance covers passengers.

Thanks for the advice. I just can't live my life or my work worrying about being sued.