Sunday, December 21, 2008


I know I've been having a 9th grade love-in lately, and it's true: I really like freshman, especially when I'm in the middle of a really great unit. But another reason I love it is because I can have conversations like this:

Student: How come like every book we read, the movie comes on tv like all the time whenever we're reading it?

Me: Oh, it's because I call up Comcast and ask them to play the movies to match our curriculum. It helps them with ratings and they send me a check every month.

Student: Really! Cool! How much do you get? Can we have a pizza party?

They're so easy. Unfortunately I can't keep a straight face very long around them for long.


Anonymous said...

love. It.

Karen said...

It's even more fun in Middle School. I used to tell the kids that I got the eyes in the back of my head when I graduated from Teacher School. I said it with such a straight face that they weren't quite sure if I was kidding or not : )