Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer surplus letter

Today, I received a frantic call from a co-worker about being 'surplussed' to a different school.

I also received a letter today, advertising a 'surplus' job fair that runs today, tomorrow, and the next day (June 16, 17, 18). If we are surplussed, we should go there.

Later in the letter, it says that normally teachers would have received letters abou ttheir 2008-2009 assignment, but because of school closings, that this is impossible. Therefore, they cannot let us know until June 27 where we will be teaching next year, and even then it will be tentative.

Yet the 'Surplus' Job Fair is June 16, eleven days before we receive any word on where we are teaching next year.

See where the confusion lies?

I think it will all work out okay. Still, this seems to be typical disrespect of the teachers by Baltimore City Public Schools. The letter is a vague, poorly-written piece of crapola designed to cover their asses if something bad happens.

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